Air Heating Service

Heater Installation

Save money when you upgrade your heating system! Platinum AC & Heat helps you determine the optimum time to replace equipment to avoid excessive running costs, expensive malfunctions, and sudden equipment failure. While there are a great many decisions to make and options to consider, our experience in the right unit make a difference. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art units such as gas/electric furnaces, gas packs, dual fuel/hybrid systems, heat pumps and ductless units, we cater to your needs, specifications and ensure the right fit for your household and lifestyle.

Heater furnace in attic
HVAC technician working in attic

Heater Repair

Platinum AC & Heat offers free estimates and provides quality heating repairs throughout San Antonio. Our factory trained, regularly updated technicians work on all makes and models of gas/electric furnaces, heat pumps, dual fuel/hybrid systems, and ductless units. Utilizing smart technology and drawing from our experience, we offer accurate diagnosis, cost-effective recommendations, and sustainable solutions.

Contact us at (830) 461-1153 for issues with your thermostat, uneven comfort, insufficient heat, strange noises, complete system failure and other issues you might encounter with you heating system.

Heater Maintenance

Enjoy superior return from your investment when you rely on Platinum AC & Heat for heating system maintenance in San Antonio. Our experience, we know optical inspection isn’t enough to keep your heating equipment running at its best.

Our certified and factory trained technicians take the extra steps, time, and dedication to thoroughly clean, adjust, and troubleshoot all makes, models, and styles of heating units and heat pumps. Contact us at (830) 461-1153 for a Tune Up, Cleaning, and precision checkup.

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Why trust us?

Our factory trained technicians remain current with evolving technology and products and adhere to proven installation procedures to maximize return from your investment. 

Platinum AC & Heat provides the right heating systems and verifies the performance of all installations, ensuring peak operation. We also stand behind our work and brand by offering up to ten-year parts and labor manufacturer warranties. Call Platinum AC & Heat today at (830) 461-1153

Air Conditioning Service

Air Conditioning Installation

Save money when you upgrade your cooling system! The experienced professionals from Platinum AC & Heat provide honest answers, knowledgeable recommendations, and skilled installation of modern cooling systems. If your current system is over ten years old, frequent malfunctions, you can significantly trim running costs, take advantage of manufacturer’s warranty, and save money while improving comfort and efficiency.

Nest thermostat installed
AC Condensor units outside

Air Conditioning Repair

Living in San Antonio your air conditioner system carries a heavy workload. A minor concern needs to be addressed quickly, before it leads to further damage, disruption and discomfort. Contact Platinum AC & Heat at (830) 461-1153 for prompt, effective repair of all makes and models of cooling systems.

HVAC Maintenance

Our High-Performance checklist includes:

  • Inspection/cleaning of Condenser Coil, “In place” inspection/cleaning of Evaporator Coil.
  • Inspection/cleaning of Blower Wheels
  • Superheat/subcooling method verification of Refrigerant Charge
  • Cleaning or replacement of Air Filter
  • Inspection/calibration of Thermostat
  • Inspection/testing of Controls and Safeties
  • Inspection/cleaning of Motors
  • Inspection/cleaning of Condensate Drain Pan and Drain Lines
  • Inspection of Relays and Contractors
  • Inspection of Unit Disconnects
  • Inspection of wiring, Check and recording of Temperature and Pressure. 

Call Platinum AC & Heat today at (830) 461-1153.

Owner of Platinum AC repairing AC

Count On Us!

Our team of certified, factory trained technicians remain updated with evolving technology, products, and procedures, ensuring cost-effective and reliable solutions to any challenge. 

Call Platinum AC & Heat at (830) 461-1153


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